Corporate Consulting

Transformation & Sustainability

Hockley Miller delivers significant impact to organizations undergoing or anticipating profound change or facing strategic dislocation. We provide guidance drawn from our consultants’ expertise in corporate management.  We work with our clients to identify their challenges and then master the changes required for both short term and long term success. 

We work with clients who face major strategic challenges to transform their business models. This transformation can take many different forms, such as a major repositioning of the customer value proposition, a move to a simpler, lower-cost operating model, a major geographic move, a transformational product realignment, or a fundamental change in the relationship with suppliers or customers. A common theme is the need to run a major change program to undertake this transition – which always requires significant upgrades in the capabilities of the business’ strategy, people and systems, usually over the long-term.

Hockley Miller’s Transformation and Sustainability consultancy works with organizational leaders and unit executives to design and implement large-scale transformation across the enterprise.  We offer consulting services throughout the entire transformation process, including strategy execution, organizational review, implementation support, technology and material evaluation, process measurement, and attainment of defined results to achieve lasting impact.

Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution.”

Bill Drayton

Corporate Consulting – Transformation & Sustainability

Organization Design

The design of an organization is about much more than the boxes and connecting lines on an organization chart.  Successful design addresses the policies, processes, capabilities, and behaviours that must align to achieve the desired organizational performance.  Getting to the right solution also requires paying close attention to the political and emotional, as well as rational, dynamics that accompany any changes to organizational structure and governance.

Hockley Miller works alongside the organization’s leadership team to:

  • Diagnose the design-related organizational issues in the context of market challenges, the business strategy, and desired performance
  • Identify the right people in the organization to drive the design work and its implementation
  • Develop the underpinning criteria for evaluating potential organization designs and constructing various options for consideration, including policy re-alignment, communication protocols, and personnel evaluation
  • Manage the process of engaging with and aligning key organization leaders around the best solution and then construct the transition plan
  • Support engagement and communication activities, including the creation of a an operations manual, clear communication support documentation and implementation milestones that explain how the new organization design will work
  • Evaluate the progress of the transition and its outcomes, providing key leadership coaching and improvement advice

Corporate Consulting – Transformation & Sustainability

Organizational Efficiency

Monitoring of organizational efficiency is essential in all transformation and performance improvement efforts.  Hockley Miller has develop client-specific concepts and tools to help the senior leadership teams to increase organizational efficiency, which results in lower costs, optimal personnel structuring, and greater market agility and sustainability.

Working jointly in teams with our clients, Hockley Miller:

  • Confirms the right operational and front-line design, assembling the optimal units of performance (e.g., by geography, capability, customer segment) for maximum effectiveness 
  • Helps optimize resources, loci of control, and the required organizational and information layers needed to balance operational transparency and performance
  • Position and size support functions – human, machine, service and software – appropriately
  • Adapt the existing operational governance approaches and build collaboration and improved communication within the entire organization

Corporate Consulting – Transformation & Sustainability

Business Sustainability

Hockley Miller supports companies and governments in their efforts to foster economic growth while encouraging more responsible use of natural resources and protection of the environment. Sustainability is good business, it attracts environmentally conscious customers, and re-focusses internal process and service teams to reduce waste, employ innovation, and reduce cost.

Backed by the industry expertise of our consultants, Hockley Miller collaborates with clients to identify sustainable solutions across a wide range of industries and in the public sector. Hockley Miller offers strategies and tools that can identify opportunities to improve resource usage, capitalize on clean tech, devise national content plans, and mitigate resource-related risks while meeting changing customer demands. Hockley Miller offers sustainability expertise in the following industries:

Energy – The structure of energy creation and demand management is already facing highly disruptive change, driven by new technologies, low-cost capital, and consumer expectations. Energy companies and utilities face considerable cost-dislocating consumer-driven and regulatory-driven change, and may realize new opportunities for revenue by keeping pace with emerging clean tech and renewable technology.

On the supply side, utilities will need to anticipate the regulatory landscape and right size investments to demand, while looking to expand their service offerings as traditional revenue sources contract. On the demand side, sustainable clean tech options (e.g., energy efficient building design, improved demand management, new energy storage options, fossil-fuel re-positioning, inexpensive off-grid energy generation) will drive down long-term costs and revenue, creating new opportunities for innovative distribution models.

Financial Services – Banks, pension funds, and private investors are increasingly aware that sustainability and clean tech will be critical drivers of future business growth. Equally, the risks associated with poor environmental management in relation to investment are becoming better understood.

  • The future annual investment required to achieve CO2 reduction goals within North America alone will yield huge opportunities for financial companies to create new funds and customised financial products. In addition, companies and their boards increasingly want to know if environmental risks could unduly expose investment portfolios to losses. Manufacturing – Sustainable resource management will become a de facto standard for the manufacturing industry, which faces skyrocketing resource prices and growing customer demand for more sustainable products. A focus on sustainability can be an avenue to enhanced revenue and more efficient processes for manufacturers, who are constantly under pressure to innovate and reduce manufacturing costs. Well-designed sustainability programs for manufacturing can also open new markets, and provide long-term financial stability to organizations Some manufacturers are already seeing the results of sustainable practices, in terms of leaner operations and reduced costs for energy, water and waste.  At the same time, product, process and material innovation can open new markets, and get SME manufacturers on B2B shortlists. Transportation – The transportation & logistics industry is particularly susceptible to the issue of energy and material sustainability. Clean technologies such as next-gen trains and trucks and alternative fuels, combined with energy-reducing strategies such as transloading and short-shipping, promise to reduce operating costs and increase the use of alternate fuel sources.   Hockley Miller focuses its sustainability practice in these four industries, since they reflect the experience and knowledge base of its consultants. More importantly, the concept of sustainable investments and capital expenditures is becoming a growing demand by their lenders, insurance companies, and regulators. Hockley Miller is here to help.