Corporate Consulting

“A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique”

Michael Porter

Strategies change and adapt to markets, technology, finances and available customers – good strategies are dynamic, while great strategies are universal

Strategy is all about Perspective

As a leading corporate strategy consulting firm, Hockley Miller helps enterprises of all sizes develop, build, and operate strong businesses that deliver sustained shareholder value and growth. We look at strategy from the “outside in,” finding strategic insight through a robust understanding of current and future customer and stakeholder priorities. We harness thought leadership to deliver breakthrough recommendations to clients, which we will help implement.

Corporate Consulting – Strategy

Strategic Research

What is your company trying to accomplish? The answer to that questions depends upon your ownership’s priorities, the financial strengths your company has, and the global reach your company requires. Hockley Miller works with your Board and management team to identify opportunities for your corporate growth and transformation.

Our strategic research services include:

Strategy Review – Hockley Miller helps its clients make the critical strategic choices that set the agenda for the enterprise and maximize value. To do that, our clients need to get the most out of the portfolio of businesses they have, and build the businesses they need.

Performance Transformation – Attempts to improve performance are often incomplete and result in hard-won but ultimately unsustainable shifts in performance. Hockley Miller takes a holistic perspective that recognizes and leverages the interconnectedness of your business design (starting with the customers you choose to serve through to your assets, activities and organization) to deliver fundamental, sustainable improvement.

Acquisitions or Divestiture – Although half of all mergers still fail to deliver growth and value creation, Acquisitions combined with strong post-acquisition integration (PAI) execution can be highly effective in creating stakeholder value, and providing the corporation with a more stable revenue base. Divestitures, of the whole or part of a corporation, offers stakeholders a chance to re-deploy capital and re-focus the enterprise. Whichever solution your team chooses, Hockley Miller offers a transparent and successful consulting or advisory service to execute your next acquisition or divestiture.

Business Design – Success today requires a new mindset involving a customer-centric not product-centric focus; an expansive not a narrow view of opportunity; a dynamic not a static perspective on the future market and societal environment. Hockley Miller calls this mindset the discipline of Business Design – finding new opportunities or structures  to create additional value for our clients and their businesses.

Strategic Communication – Strategic planning has become a sterile annual exercise that managers endure, but few companies are creating value through strategizing in the same old way – they fail to link strategy and execution. Hockley Miller assists its clients in reliably crafting and implementing winning strategies, ones that are clear, dynamic and can be communicated, understood and are executable at all levels of the organization.

Corporate Consulting – Strategy

Strategic Operations Improvement

Strategic improvements to Operations can make a huge impact on the return a firm earns on its key assets, its people and capital investments. Hockley Miller brings industry-leading organization design, economic management, and operations efficiency process expertise to clients across a broad range of industries. A detailed understanding of the business drivers of profit and margins, which drive  business performance in industries such as financial services, high-tech SMEs and manufacturing companies allows Hockley Miller to improve client cost structures, product and service quality and speed throughput to delivery.

All organizations need to be able to measure the shareholder and stakeholder value gained from investments in order to make strategic decision with their physical assets and IT portfolio. These investments need to be managed with “mark-to-market” valuations and exit strategies. Applying a business lens on the role and impact of technology ensures such investments are more explicitly aligned with the business.

Hockley Miller’s Strategic and Operations expertise addresses challenges that confront senior business executives. Through our unique understanding of the microeconomics of financial services companies and intimate knowledge of Operations Management, we help clients optimize the internal operational support for their business and improve performance.

Corporate Consulting – Strategy

Strategy Execution

The best strategic vision in the world is worth nothing without successful execution. Failure to successfully execute a strategy, no matter how well prepared, is the number one cause of corporate failure.

There are four fundamental flaws in most strategy execution:

  1. lack of engagement and alignment of the key leaders responsible for achieving the strategic objectives;
  2. insufficient time devoted to building a robust picture of the desired future state and understanding its implications
  3. the lack of a clear transition plan that explicitly defines how the organization will change, while  maintaining performance and mitigating risk;
  4. lack of clear and consistent communication to support the strategy and its objectives.

Hockley Miller works with Boards, CEOs and other senior executives in a disciplined and collaborative way to:

  •  Establish a shared vision of the future and the case for transformation; 
  •  Fully develop and evaluate strategic options;
  •  Choose and refine a strategic direction based on a complete understanding of all its customer, human resource and capital implications;
  •  Determine the overall, integrated transition plan in the context of the current business plans; 
  •  Assess and identify needed enhancements to prepare the organization’s readiness and capacity to transform;
  •  Support them as they lead their organizations through a transformation, often acting as constructive challengers willing to call out the tough issues and assist in implementing solutions.