Corporate Consulting

Combining Complex Program And Change Management With Functional Expertise, We Provide The Leadership And Experience To Help You Plan, Execute And Create Value Through Your Next Acquisition Or Divestiture

Whether you’re looking to grow through acquisition or divest for greater focus on your core business, we help you execute your strategies. Hockley Miller assists clients to identify opportunities, build internal managerial capabilities, undertake negotiations, modify governance structures, find funding for the process, all of which support your goals.

Hockley Miller provides investors and lenders with the answers they need to get the deal done by combining our firm’s deep operational, industry and functional expertise. Our team includes experienced CPAs, Chartered Accountants and CEOs, who deliver a tailored and scalable approach to work with banks, private equity, hedge funds and corporate funders.

With senior and experienced due diligence consultants who are involved in every aspect of the transaction, our clients can expect real-time communication on key deal drivers and an intense focus on the root cause of any critical deal issues.

We have significant transaction experience in industries including but not limited to manufacturing, distribution, real estate, consumer goods, financial services, technology, and energy.

Hockley Miller should be involved when:

– Your company has been offered an industry relevant acquisition – is this the right investment for your company’s future?

-Your company is driving business expansion through future acquisitions, and you need to enhance your internal M&A processes, tools and capabilities to close deals faster.

-Your company is considering a large, transformational deal that is more complex than your business has previously executed, and you need help preparing your organization for significant change.

-You are targeting the future divestiture of a subsidiary, division, or specific business operations/assets and need to effectively carve out or separate the target from your remaining business operations.

Corporate Consulting – Acquisitions & Divestitures


Maximize Every Transaction’s Value. Avoid Post-transaction Surprises. Whether Buying Or Exiting An Investment, Hockley Miller’s Integrated Due Diligence Approach Helps Maximize The Value Of Every Transaction. The Result Is An Informed And Thorough Assessment Of Deal Issues.

Unrestricted by audit-based conflicts, we gather, synthesize and analyze the quality of a target’s earnings and its working capital requirements as well as identify debt-like and key value considerations. Our consultants quickly assess and communicate key valuation and transaction considerations to buyers, sellers and their management teams, to avoid issues throughout the deal process.

Successful transactions begin with a complete understanding of historical results and an evaluation of projected financial information. Whether you’re considering a merger, acquisition, divestiture or carve-out, our clients will realize the most value from a deal that’s carefully researched through comprehensive due diligence.

We provide expertise in areas including: 

  • Evaluating target revenue and receivables quality
  • Assessing the quality of a target’s earnings including the identification of non-recurring, out-of-period, non-cash, run-rate, pro forma, or other items that impact EBITDA
  • Analyzing the composition of a target’s net working capital and associated trends
  • Understanding the composition of a target’s balance sheet, including the quality of its assets as well as potentially hidden debt-like items
    • Critiquing the quality of financial reporting, controls and systems
    • Identifying key business drivers, trends in profitability and associated risks such as adverse developments and concentration issues
    • Identifying flaws and hidden opportunities in Management’s strategy and operational vision

Corporate Consulting – Acquisitions & Divestitures


Hockley Miller’s Strategic Positioning Advice Leverages the Firm’s Comprehensive Operational, Industry and Functional Expertise to Provide Rapid Assessments and Real-world Perspectives. Our Team Provides the Right Information to Drive the Right Course of Action.

 Our team provides the right information to drive the right course of action. We generate insights on specific targets or selected industries that drive the investment or capex evaluation and the financing process. The in-depth answers we develop drive the due diligence and related corporate solutions that fit our client’s needs.

Our Strategic Positioning advisory considers four key questions:

  1. Is the industry fundamentally attractive?
  2. Does the target company have a strong and sustainable competitive position?
  3. Do additional opportunities exist to create value?
  4. Are there viable exit strategies?

Our ability to quickly drive commercial insight via a combination of industry experience and quantitative analytics, along with a broader platform of financial, operational, IT and HR due diligence, is what brings clients to Hockley Miller. We are unique in our ability to support our clients post-acquisition with a range of carve-out, integration, and performance improvement services.

Commercial Due Diligence focus:

  • Industry Analysis – Size, growth, trends, projections, benchmarking, value chain analysis
  • Competitive Positioning – Benchmarking operating and financial metrics for peers in an industry
  • Business Plan Validation – Revenues, costs, capital expenditure, working capital
  • Financial Modeling – Advanced models, scenario analysis
  • Market Entry Planning – Formulating entry plan for corporate clients for new markets and geography

Corporate Consulting – Acquisitions & Divestitures


Hockley Miller’s Commercial Due Diligence Leverages The Firm’s Comprehensive Operational, Industry And Functional Expertise To Provide Rapid Assessments And Real-world Perspectives. Our Team Provides The Right Information To Drive The Right Course Of Action.

Post-acquisition issues can disrupt even the best laid launch plans. Our consultants understand the differences between the various types of deal situations as well as the needs of financial sponsors. Through thorough fact-based analysis, we identify and quantify potential EBITDA adjustments and working capital risks and opportunities, to create Day One and First 100 Day plans, followed by hands-on performance improvement.

We help clients plan and execute integration activities to accelerate A&D business transitions and realize quantifiable and emotional deal synergies, while avoiding disruption to operations.

Our people have experience leading, developing and executing integration plans across organizations as well as the ability to bring functional expertise, as needed, in areas such as Operations, Procurement, Logistics and Distribution, Finance and Accounting, Human Capital, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technology. 

Call us when:

  • You require experienced, independent leadership for integration planning and execution for a merger, acquisition, or divisional divestiture.
  • You need functional expertise in specific areas to identify synergies and drive an actionable integration plan.
  • You need to accelerate the synergy identification and capture from a recent transaction.

Core services include:

  • Integration Management Planning
  • Leadership and Management Integration Training
  • Creation of 100-Day Plan
  • Cultural Integration and Change Management
  • Synergy Identification and Realization
  • Governance Modification and Execution