Louis Sapi



As an entrepreneur, Louis has, over the years, owned numerous business ventures in conjunction with his CPA firm activities.  At times he used his skills to purchase insolvent companies to turn them around to successfully run or sell.
He founded the Affinity Financial Group of companies (1991 to 2002). Arguably the first true family office company in Canada consisting of a diverse group of financial service companies including, merchant banking, insurance, investment planning and asset management, concierge service and other financial services required by the high net worth clientele.  This corporate group grew to over 30 staff and achieved annual sales of $80,000,000.Presently active in various private investment syndicates specializing in Angel or venture capital investing. Raising Private equity and debt financing for clients.
Louis has served on various corporate boards and advisory teams over the years and has devoted himself to numerous philanthropic activities.

James C. Blackwell

James has 40 years of experience in the public accounting field. He retired from BDO Canada LLP in August 2017.
He was Group Managing Partner / Client Services partner of BDO Canada LLP for 26 years from 1991 to 2017.  He also was National Policy Board Member of BDO Canada from 1999-2005 & the Chairman of the Board 2001-2002.
He has extensive experience in working with agricultural, retail, manufacturing, services, municipalities, not for profits and professional businesses.
James has a special skill set and capabilities to bring solutions to corporate Finance clients and expertise crosses taxation and corporate business advisory.


Jaret Henhoeffer

Penguin Power President
Jaret is an M&A Jaret is an M&A professional, Adventure Capitalist and Entrepreneur. Jaret’s passion is helping entrepreneurs acquire, build and exit profitable companies. 
Jaret has participated in over 100 successful transactions including leading the sale of companies, the acquisition of companies, joint ventures, angel investing, and investments into start-up and growth companies. 
As the co-founder and GM of a capital investment fund, Jaret personally led investments into 100+ early stage and growth companies over an 8-year period. As an entrepreneur, Jaret has founded and built Penguin Power Holdings into a decentralized solar utility that designs, builds and maintains solar installations under contract with the Province of Ontario to supply solar kilowatts to the electricity grid until 2034. Penguin Power Holdings also has active equity positions in growth companies in the waste and label printing industries. Jaret’s corporate experience at companies including Air Miles and Canadian Tire taught him how to identify synergy, value cash-flows, negotiate successful joint-ventures and launch new divisions like the evolution of Canadian Tire retail into a Schedule 2 Bank in Canada. Jaret’s formal education includes an HBA and MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied valuation under George Athanasakkos. 
Today, Jaret is focused on helping great entrepreneurs successfully implement a startup, growth, capitalization, exit or acquisition strategy. He has completed transactions in technology, agriculture, event management and the print industry. Jaret is passionately committed to helping enable win/win transactions that deliver value to both acquirers and sellers. Jaret is a member of YPO and EO, the premier leadership organizations for entrepreneurs in the world.