Better Financing Leads To Increased Profits

Hockley Miller provides an array of capabilities to support corporate finance decision making, backed by our consultants’ expertise across diverse industry sectors.

Hockley Miller services include export and loan risk management; the structuring and development of corporate financing transactions, loans and equity expansion; and the provision of due diligence services. Backed by its consultants’ years of experience, Hockley Miller acts as a trusted adviser to companies and organizations as they take on the challenges of financial growth and restructuring their financing sources and vehicles. In the process, we place a particularly high priority on developing sustainable financial concepts that address both the client’s need for funding and the competitive financial environment.

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OUR EXPERTISE – A thorough knowledge of capital sources combined with a make-it-happen mindset.

Hockley Miller’s well-honed capabilities and the right connections work to accelerate financing opportunities and transaction closings. Our consultants can draw upon an extensive network of financing sources, both nationally and internationally, to provide corporations of all sizes with needed capital. Be it the financing of real estate development, the setting up of an export financing line, the attraction of additional equity, or the provision of operating lines – Hockley Miller has the corporate financing solution our clients need.  

Hockley Millers corporate financing consulting services include::

  • Negotiating key terms and covenants with capital sources, as well as negotiating inter-creditor agreements
  • Managing the closing process to secure financing and maximize future value
  • Assessing current and future financial demand through a detailed due diligence and financial analysis;
  • Identifying suitable financing sources, while protecting client confidentiality and maximising client access to competitive capital sources;
  • Developing a comprehensive Financing Memorandum tailored to client needs and targeted financing sources;
  • The co-presentation of financing needs of clients to prospective financing sources;

Hockley Miller’s Commercial Due Diligence leverages the firm’s comprehensive operational, industry and functional expertise to provide rapid assessments and real-world perspectives. Our team provides the right information to drive the right course of action. 

Post-acquisition issues can disrupt even the best laid plans. Our consultants understand the differences between the various types of deal situations as well as the needs of financial sponsors. Through thorough fact-based analysis, we identify and quantify potential EBITDA adjustments and working capital risks and opportunities, to create Day One and First 100 Day plans, followed by hands-on performance improvement.

We help clients plan and execute integration activities to accelerate A&D business transitions and realize quantifiable and emotional deal synergies, while avoiding disruption to operations.

Our people have experience leading, developing and executing integration plans across organizations as well as the ability to bring functional expertise, as needed, in areas such as Operations, Procurement, Logistics and Distribution, Finance and Accounting, Human Capital, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technology. 

Call us when:

  • You require experienced, independent leadership for integration planning and execution for a merger, acquisition, or divisional divestiture.
  • You need functional expertise in specific areas to identify synergies and drive an actionable integration plan.
  • You need to accelerate the synergy identification and capture from a recent transaction.

Core services include:

  • Integration Management Planning
  • Leadership and Management Integration Training
  • Creation of 100-Day Plan
  • Cultural Integration and Change Management
  • Synergy Identification and Realization
  • Governance Modification and Execution